DoorDash, a Major US Food Delivery Company, Acquired Wolt from Finland

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DoorDash, a major US food delivery company, has announced that it would acquire its Finnish-based (from the same company Finland) peer, Wolt. The transaction value is approximately 7 billion euros (approximately 910 billion yen), and the company plans to complete the acquisition in the first half of 2022. Since Wolt first landed in Hiroshima in August 2020, it has expanded its service area from Hokkaido to Okinawa and currently operates in 37 cities. DoorDash entered Japan from Sendai in June 2021. The two companies have announced that they would build a "local commerce global platform that connects products and services in each region with users" through the acquisition. In terms of global expansion, Wolt's CEO, who currently has more countries than DoorDash, is expected to lead its overseas business in the future. It also plans to jointly expand globally, accelerate product development, and improve investment efficiency. Even after the acquisition, Wolt's company name and the services provided will not change.

Sources: Bridge  "A Major US Food Delivery Company DoorDash, to Acquire Finnish-based (from Finland) Wolt for 910 Billion Yen." (November 14, 2021)(link available in Japanese only)

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