US Payment Major Square Announced a Paid Subscription Service "Invoices Plus"

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It was reported that the US payment major "Square" is preparing to announce the paid subscription service "Invoices Plus." The service offers two new features, including one that was previously provided free of charge, the ability to automatically convert received quotes into invoices, and the ability to create payment schedules based on milestones. It seems that though some users who are already using the invoice function are informed of the service change, the company has not officially announced it yet. At Square, the background to the release of the new paid service is a shift from the business model that relied on processing fees so far, and it is more convenient to use the profits obtained from the paid plan for future product development. It is said that it aims to provide high-quality services.

Sources: TechCrunch  "Fintech Square Announced New Paid Service' Invoices Plus', and Popular 'Square Invoice' is now Subscribed" (September 1, 2021)
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