Microsoft has Partnered with Shopify, a Major Online Shopping Company in Canada. Will it Compete with Amazon's Advertising Business?

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It has been revealed that Microsoft has partnered with Canadian online shopping major "Shopify." With this alliance, the products of Shopify distributors will be displayed on the "shopping tab" for free on the news feed "Microsoft Start," the browser "Microsoft Edge," and the portal site "Microsoft Bing." As the background of the alliance, it is said that the expansion of Amazon's advertising business will cause many consumers to search products directly on Amazon without going through search engines. It was mentioned that Microsoft's advertising revenue could be hit. Therefore, with the help of Shopify, it will increase its competitiveness by displaying advertisements for products that are not sold on Amazon.

Sources: Search Engine Land "Microsoft Partners with Shopify to Help Retailers Expand their Reach" (October 21, 2021)

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