Sweden's Postpaid Settlement "Klarna" has Partnered with U.S. Payment Major Stripe

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On October 26, Sweden's postpaid payment service provider "Klarna" announced that it had agreed to a strategic partnership with US payment major "Stripe." According to the data from the market information database "CB Insights," Stripe and Klarna are the top two unicorns in the global fintech market, with market values of 95 billion dollars and 46 billion dollars, respectively. The background of the alliance is that the postpaid payment service called BNPL (buy now pay later) has been growing rapidly in the Western markets in recent years, and they aim to expand each other's customer base through the alliance. This alliance is likely to intensify competition in the postpaid payment market.

Sources: Nihon Keizai Shimbun "Two Great Companies of Fintech have Partnered. Postpaid Klarna and US Stripe" (October 27, 2021)(link available in Japanese only)

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