Pinterest and Twitter on US SNS have Strengthened Commerce Functions

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This week, major Social Media Services continued to announce commerce features. On July 27, the US photo-sharing service "Pinterest" made it possible to purchase products from "IdeaPin," which allows users to post multiple images and videos in a story format Creators use the newly introduced tagging function to tag their idea pins with specific products, and users can browse them and consider purchasing products. At this stage, the service is provided only to users in the United States and United Kingdom though it is expected to expand to all over the world including Japan in the future. Additionally, Pinterest is not the only social media company that wants to enter online shopping. On July 28, US social media major "Twitter" announced that it has tested a new feature called "Shop Module." With this function, corporations such as retailers and brands can introduce products on the profile screen of Twitter, which is directly linked to the purchase of products on Twitter. The company already mentioned plans to expand online shopping in February 2021, and showed the possibility of further expansion depending on the results of test operations.

Sources: Online Shop Staff Forum "'Pinterest' has made it possible for creators to collaborate with EC / retail companies and brands, and the company introduced a monetization function for creators."(July 28, 2021)(link available in Japanese only)
TechCrunch  "Twitter launches US e-commerce pilot that lets users shop from profiles" (July 29, 2021)

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